Looking Your Best in the Process

If you’re in the middle of a season or a process that feels like it’s lightweight taking you out how do you continue to look your best in the process?

“Yessss just stay mad fly in the process”

That’s the one liner text message that prompted me to write this blog entry.

It was a conversation between myself and a good friend of mine as we were talking about the home I live in and how it is perfectly fit for a single family/newlywed couple. She says “lets make it happen, mmkkkk?! I’m ready for somebody to have a dope wedding” I couldn’t help but laugh because I too had those thoughts before. But it was the “stay mad fly in the process” message that gave me a little bit of anxiety not the marriage part. Listen, that is a hefty command...do yall feel the weight on that like I do?

Stay fly in the process.

Depending on the process or the season it can feel like an unexpected hurricane just hit you and you are swimming above water trying to breathe. Y'all ain’t nobody thinking about hair, nails or outfits...you just want to keep your life. Period.

Imagine this...you’re single (like me) trying to get to your dream career, pay off debt, invest in your future, serve at your home church all while trying to look like Michelle Obama. To some it may come easy but for me the looking (and feeling) like Michelle Obama is the hard part. When work is over I am either heading to church or heading to a meeting of some sort. To even think about getting up an hour earlier so I can put a full face of makeup on is beyond me! Don’t even talk about throwing in a good workout in the morning before work - to me that’s already a full day’s work and it’s not even 8 a.m. yet.

Okay, okay….so y'all out there probably thinking I am lazy….but I’m not, honest. I’m not out here looking crazy but I know I could be glowing rather than looking like Beyonce without any makeup on. (p.s. She's beautiful with or without make-up)

So here is the question: What does it take to “stay fly in the process”? How can you look your best without stepping out of your comfort zone?

Well since this isn’t my thing naturally…I really had to do my research. So I reached out to a few people that I admire and that I’ve seen actually pull it off. And here’s what they had to say:

Shay Lynesse

" 'Staying fly in the process' means to me, not being moved in what is happening around me. Standing confidently, and transparently in flaws and all, accepting that the process is only temporary, with total belief that I will not crumble at the fate of my journey. Being fly during the process means looking your best, until you feel your best. Many days I did not always feel confident, bold, beautiful or even worthy. I would spend time in the mirror not only applying my make-up and putting on my best clothes but affirming myself with scriptures and reminders of the identity I had in Christ. Staying fly in the process requires us to pull on the strength of our Heavenly Father, continuously rebuilding esteem and confidence in Him. There are many ways you can look your best without stepping out of your comfort zone. Adding in pops of colors to a plain outfit, wearing a statement necklace, or putting on a pair of heels turns any outfit from drab to fab. I am the girl you will always see out in all black, but lately I have made it my business to add more jewelry, wear bright colors with a plain blazer, and still be comfortable. I believe looking your best requires some level of stepping out of your comfort zone because we are all used to routine, and afraid to over do it but sometimes that is what style and being fabulous calls for!"


IG: @ShayLynesse_ Facebook: Shay Lynesse Twitter: ShayLynesse_ Website: www.ShayLynesse.com

Kyra Danaya

"I think we get so caught up in waiting until we “arrive” to start dressing how we see ourselves in the future. I personally believe that it is very important to dress now how we see ourselves in the future. We’ve all heard the statement “dress how you want to be addressed.” Especially if you’re a brand, you want to always make sure that you are a representation of it. Unfortunately, people often judge people based off their appearance even before they speak to/get to know the person. When it comes to how we feel in the inside, that’s even more important. Looking good on the outside has a direct impact on how we feel on the inside. It automatically boosts our self esteem. When you look good, you feel good, when you feel good, you do good! You don’t have to step completely out of your comfort zone in order to look good. Looking good can look different for everyone. For some it could be as simple as changing their hair style, wearing some lipstick, or even wearing a color they don’t normally wear. Regardless of your age, body type, or career, it’s possible to look good!"


Instagram: @Kyra.Danaya @TheKyraDanayaCollection • Website: www.KyraDanaya.com

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Oh yeah and let me know what it takes for you to "stay fly in the process"! Comment below.

-Lauren Melissa

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