Whatchu Doin'?!

I know...I know…it’s been almost four months since I’ve put words to paper. And trust me I’m hurt bout it too! But I'm back!

Sometimes how we imagined things to turn out ends up nothing how we imagined. I can’t tell you how many times that has happened to me this year alone. But this time...this time was different. This time I had a plan. I was sure...at least that’s what I thought.

Have you ever made a promise to someone, had the best intentions but then “something came up” and you no longer kept good on your promise? You felt awful after that. You were likely trying to make it up to that person and figure out how you can ease the blow of not keeping promises. No one wants to be that person. Ever.

Well, take that same scenario and put yourself in the shoes of the other person. Yes! You made a promise to yourself and you dropped the ball. The only difference is the blow seemed much more intense and you feel like you’re not only letting yourself down but you let other people down in the process. Yup! That was me! I had a plan. I was sure. I knew what I wanted but the execution wasn’t quite how it needed to be. I’ll be the first to admit it. I’ve asked myself all the time “Lauren, whatchu doin?!”

Have you had those moments where you’ve had to check yourself? When you’ve questioned the path you took? The decision you made? Yeah well I have and I didn’t always have the answers...and that’s okay...

...But at some point we’ve got to find the answers. I’ve thought about this a lot. Like, how long do we allow for excuses or give ourselves grace? At some point it’s got to run out and we’ve got to have an answer. I’ve spent months trying to figure out where I went wrong and I’ve finally figured it out…I moved prematurely.

Sidebar: Nope, I’m not talking about my job from earlier this year- that was perfect timing. Haha! I know you’re trying to figure out what I’m talking about specifically but rest your brain - It’s okay. LOL It applies to multiple things in my life.

What I’m trying to get you to comprehend here is that we’ve all jumped prematurely at some point. We were in the midst of process and we took it upon ourselves to accelerate when God just wanted us to take baby steps. When we self-adjusted the speed we threw ourselves off of the track and now we’re sending smoke signals as an SOS. But the best part about all of this is we’re going to be rescued. God always swoops in for the save and gives us a nice thump on our foreheads - well at least that’s how he did me.

With the new year approaching us, I want you to take these last few weeks and strategically think about the steps that need to happen for you to throw away the excuses and operate in the greatness you were created with. I’m doing this too! We’ve got to hold each other accountable! I don’t want to enter into 2019 using the same excuses and operating outside of what God called me for.

It’s time for a change! Whatchu doin?!

-Lauren Melissa

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