A Month Ago My Life Changed…

A month ago today I embarked on a journey that literally changed my life. I was heading on a tour of Asia (as most people like to call it) – but I traveled to Singapore, Bali, Bangkok and Phuket all in a two weeks’ time. I was meeting my best friend, her sister and her sister's best friend. I had been talking about this moment for months. Not so much for the excitement around it but more to convince myself that it’s actually happening.

People would ask me if I was excited and I would answer with a very dry ‘yes’. I didn’t do much preparation aside from ensuring I had essentials: travel adapter, portable charger/case for my iPhone, first aid kit, Aspirin, wipes, etc. You would have thought the world was ending but in my mind, I knew I was going to be prepared if something did happen. Funny thing is, all of that “preparation” could not have prepared me for the journey ahead.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to take you along with me on my journey through Asia through blog posts and my CaRevelations (yes, I'm bringing them back!). I’ll share good moments, not so good moments and most importantly pictures! I hate to say it but there’s more pictures of me than Asia.

(Oh well! Deal with it! 😊 Thankfully, they’re all cute! Haha!)

To prepare, about a week before my trip, I ensured that I typed out every detail of my trip – flight times, locations, tentative itinerary, everything! I forwarded the information to my family and my extended family (i.e. pastor, close friends, etc.) in case something happened. The most important thing take note of is that though is out of all of that preparation, I made sure I was covered. I asked about eight of my extended family members to PRAY for me. I gave them a specific prayer request to pray and it was that I allowed myself the time and space to hear from God. This year has been a weird year for me. Not weird in that things haven’t been going “right” but more so spiritually I haven’t felt “in-tune” (if that makes sense)

I’ll explain…

You know how you start a year with dreams and visions and you walk into a new year claiming prosperity and blessings on blessings. Well that wasn’t necessarily my testimony. I remember December 2018 and January 2019 rolling around and I had nothing! (see my January blog post) I had no idea the direction in which I wanted things to go, inspiration had left me and I had lost ME!

I wanted this trip to further reveal who was by any means necessary. I asked them to pray that for me. Pray that I experience God, that he reveals himself to me and through that I see myself – the good, the bad and the ugly parts. So yeah, I’ve got some stories to tell ya! I hope you’ll join me over the next few weeks as I dive into the revelations I had, tears I shed and the thoughts that consumed me!

If you have questions you'd like me to address or share about my trip let me know by dropping them in the comment section! This is much about and for you as it is for me!

p.s. I must say that I miss [writing] you all a lot! It wasn't until I started writing that I felt that void that had been missing! I'm gonna try my hardest to be consistent...I mean I have tons to share! Keep me accountable yall!


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