Recovery After a Storm

There is recovery after a storm. That's a fact!

When you think about some of the biggest catastrophes we’ve encountered (wildfires, floods, hurricanes, etc.) all energy and efforts are immediately placed on RECOVERY/RELIEF. There’s no sense in continuing to dwell on the catastrophe/storm as it has already happened and the damage is done.

Instead, there’s complete focus into assessing what went wrong and putting efforts into place to address relief.

...literally jumping from the catastrophic event and straight to what recovery will look like. That same way of thinking and processing can be and should be applied to our own lives.

The truth is recovery is NEVER easy. Bouncing back from what was to what’s to come can be difficult. It takes hard work and sacrifice. We all have storms we face, battles we are fighting but I urge you to tough it out, fight through it to get to the other side.


(And get this…many times folks find themselves in a better position after the storm than before the storm even hit. Now ain’t that something?!)

Today, my hope and prayer for you is that God provides you strength to heal, to feel and to spend less time dwelling in the setback, the hurt and the pain and more time taking care of YOU — literally recovering! The impact may have been intense but your recovery will be more powerful and testimony worthy. You got this!

Be encouraged and know that you have the most powerful being, God, fighting for you!


-Lauren Melissa

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